JDH 6.05



JDH 6.05

Mechanical floor joint

Product compatible with our fire protection solutions and our waterproofing membranes

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All-metal floor expansion joint specially designed to withstand extremely heavy loads: load handling equipment, lorries... Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The top cover plate with the comb shape and the central support plate can be supplied in hardened steel or in stainless steel, depending on the strength required and the working environment. Suitable for all types of applications: industrial floors, station, airports, shopping centres... For indoor and outdoor floor joints with a gap up to 70 mm. Suitable for heavy loads of up to 19 tonnes/axle and traffic of fork-lift truck on solid tyres (Vulkollan), HGV, pallet trucks and other vehicles on pneumatic tyres. Length on request. Hardened steel or stainless steel. Available in hardened steel or stainless steel. The standard joint has a section with a central flange for alignment; the STF60-L type has a stainless steel central support, with a more limited gap width and movement range. The mounting of this product is is essential; please enquire regarding about the relevant technical instructions.

CCTP Specifications

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