EPDM Membrane

EPDM-S membranes (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is made from rubber of superior quality. They are used for waterproofing expansion joints. Economical, easy and simple to apply, very flexible and elastic, the EPDM-S membrane is ideally suited for expansion joints.


VED'EPDM membranes are bonded at both sides of expansion joints using our VedEPDM adhesives. They provide an effective barrier and can work in combination with any other waterproofing system. They are generally used below our fire barriers or below our joint covers and mechanical joints. Their high elasticity and the wide range of widths available allow their use in expansion joints of any size. They can work with drainage systems for the water that is collected.

Colle Ved'EPDM

The VedEPDM EP 95 adhesive is intended for bonding and joining plain-surface EPDM membrane (EPDM-S). VedEPDM EP 95 is a solvent-based contact adhesive of high strength suitable for fast application. It is specially formulated for application by roll and /or broad brush. The time it remains tacky allows its application once to large surfaces.