Butyl strip Waterproof solutions

Veda's butyl strip is a cold adhesive strip made up of an adhesive butyl backed by an aluminium-reinforced polyester film. The adhesive face is protected by a peel-off silicone backing and offers an excellent tear resistance. The butyl strip provides a water and vapour barrier. It is recommended for the repair of membrane tears or holes as well as the protection of mechanical joint anchors.

Water and vapour barrier for use on all normal construction materials: concrete, roof tiles, bricks, aluminium, metals, glass, timber (protected), PVC... It is recommended that there is no risk of water retention and that the strips are not subjected to high temperatures; the performance is reduced with the increase of temperature (maximum 80 °C).

Available widths from 50 mm to 1 m. Roll length of 10 m. Thickness = 0.6 mm.

Available in aluminium, lead and copper colours in different widths.