Waterproof solutions

Waterproof membranes, waterstop strips, hydrophilic seal strips, waterproof expansion joints... All types of waterproofing products for expansion joints.


Waterproof membranes, waterstop strips, hydrophilic seal strips, waterproof expansion joints... All waterproofing products for expansion joints.

Hydrophilic seal strip

VEDASWEL Sealant is a hydrophilic waterproof sealant that can be applied in a wet environment. Supplied in cartridges, it is applied using a normal sealant gun. By doubling its volume when absorbing water, it provides an excellent waterproof performance without even loosing its elastic properties.

EPDM Membrane

EPDM-S membranes (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is made from rubber of superior quality. They are used for waterproofing expansion joints. Economical, easy and simple to apply, very flexible and elastic, the EPDM-S membrane is ideally suited for expansion joints.


In accordance with relevant standards (French SNJF and ISO), the joint backing is a material that is laid to limit the depth of the sealant in the joint and to define the back profile of the joint. It stops the sealant from adhering to the three faces of the joint and helps to resist the pressures that occur when apply the sealant. The joint backing must not have any effects that will change the physical and chemical properties, and even the appearance, of the sealant. It can eventually serve as a barrier to separate the sealant for chemical attacks from the bottom side of the joint.

Mastic Vedaflex Sil

VEDAFLEX SIL is a one-component silicone sealant of low modulus of elasticity and neutral cross-linkage. It vulcanises in contact with atmospheric moisture and forms a rubber that is extremely flexible and resistant. Non-corrosive, it does not produce substances with a strong odour. VEDAFLEX SIL has the SNJF mark as a 1st category product for use on glass, aluminium and concrete without primer.

Butyl strip

Veda's butyl strip is a cold adhesive strip made up of an adhesive butyl backed by an aluminium-reinforced polyester film. The adhesive face is protected by a peel-off silicone backing and offers an excellent tear resistance. The butyl strip provides a water and vapour barrier. It is recommended for the repair of membrane tears or holes as well as the protection of mechanical joint anchors.

Résine Ved'poxy

Pure epoxy resin sealant for use on reinforcement bar in concrete construction joints and for different bonds. Easy and quick to extrude. Very strong bond.