Fire stop systems

From the VEDAFEU C firestop rope system to the VEDAFEU M firestop mattress, VEDAFEU N firestop blanket,VEDAFEU FB firestop fillerboard and VEDAFEU PU fire resistant polyurethane foam VEDA France has created an extensive range of fire barrier systems. Our products are officially tested and approved for firestop joint widths from 10 to 840 mm, and are suitable for use in standard and seismic joint.

Firestop system regulations

The regulations concerning linear joint seals, also commonly called fire barriers, have evolved in recent years. Several aspects have been implemented, such as a test standard that defines the testing of every firestop system, and a classification standard for fire barriers that introduces an EI class, expressed in minutes, in respect of fire integrity, gas-tightness and thermal insulation. Today, all firestop joint seals must comply with these regulations, which are some of the strictest in the world, in order to prevent the spread of fire through the joints of structures.

VEDAFEU C Rope firestop system

VEDAFEU C rope firestop system consists of a core of fireproof and rotproof mineral fibres bound by an outer braiding of fibreglass thread. They are resistant to water and humidity, as well as to most aggressive chemicals and micro-organisms. VEDAFEU C rope firestop system meets norms for horizontal and vertical joints: tested without sealant and with a movement of +20%, they come in diameters from 12 mm to 180 mm and are EI 240 (fire integrity and thermal insulation of 240 minutes without failure) rated for all joints with gaps from 10 mm to 120 mm.

VEDAFEU M Mattress firestop system

For initial joint widths from 100 to 420 mm, with or without joint cover. Officially rated EI 120 minutes without failure.

VEDAFEU N Blanket firestop system

Our VEDAFEU N fire stop joint range, including fire stop joint covers and fire blankets, conforms to several certifications in respect of horizontal and vertical joints. These fire stop joint covers are specially designed to ensure the fire integrity and gas-tightness of expansion joints with large gaps and/or large movements. Tested with movements of +50%, all our VEDAFEU N fire blankets have an EI classification for fire integrity and gas-tightness, in compliance with current European and French standards, including EN 13501-2 and EN 1366-4 norms. VEDAFEU N fire stop joint covers are available in several sizes to suit joint gaps from 150 mm to 840 mm.

VEDAFEU FB Fillerboard firestop system

2-IN-1 PRODUCT, it materializes the expansion joint while pouring the concrete and is 4-hour fire rated.

VEDAFEU PU Fire resistant polyurethane foam

VEDAFEU PU is a fire resistant polyurethane foam which guarantees optimal acoustic and thermal insulation. It adheres to most building materials such as wood, concrete, brick, metal, but not to polyethylene, silicone or PTFE.