JDH 5.24


Waterproof floor expansion joint, specially designed for car parks, with full stainless steel protection cover. High strength for intense vehicular traffic, high resistance to chemical products, hydrocarbons, etc. Hidden anchor system. Specially suitable for car parks, access ramps, esplanades and any other applications without traffic or with traffic of low speed vehicles, where a waterproof expansion joint is required. Interchangeable weldable insert.


For indoor and outdoor floor joints with a gap up to 70 mm. Suitable for intense traffic of light vehicles. Particularly suitable for harsh environments (de-icing grit, fuel, sea water...).


Section length of 4 m. Nitrile insert. Aluminium side angle sections, pre-drilled. Stainless steel side covers.

Finishes and special pieces

Floor-to-floor type, and floor-to-wall type with exposed skirting. The types with the W suffix have greater movement ranges. Different inserts have have short flanges or long flanges according to the waterproofing system selected. Second waterproof membrane as option, clipped to the underside to ensure additional safety. Black insert as standard. Special parts on demand (T, X, L...). Several examples of installation arrangements are available on request.

Joint gap (mm)

Movements (mm)

Visible width (mm)

Total width (mm)

Height (mm)


5.24-030 30 +15 / -15 80 190 30 Light vehicles
5.24-050 50 +30 / -30 110 220 30 - 50 Light vehicles
5.24-070 70 +40 / -40 110 220 50 - 80 Light vehicles