JDH 6.12


All-metal floor expansion joint specially designed to withstand heavy loads: load handling equipment, lorries... Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The central elements allow significant expansion and contraction movements, as well as vertical shearing movements. Suitable for all types of finish: concrete, screed, tiling, etc.


For indoor and outdoor floor joints with a gap up to 200 mm, with large amount of movements and heavy loads. Suitable for heavy traffic of fork-lift truck on solid tyres (Vulkollan), loads of up to 6 tonnes/axle on pneumatic tyres, lorries, pallet trucks and intense traffic of light vehicles.


Section length of 3 m. Aluminium side angle sections, pre-drilled.

Finishes and special pieces

Floor-to-floor and floor-to-wall types. Anti-slip ribbed surface. This product is supplied ready to install, with spacers that must be removed after installation on the floor.

Joint gap (mm)

Movements (mm)

Visible width (mm)

Total width (mm)

Height (mm)


6.12-060 60 ± 15 80 170 18 / 35 / 50 / 80 Fork-lift trucks on pneumatic tyres Heavy vehicles
6.12-080 80 +20 / -20 110 250 50 / 80 Fork-lift trucks on pneumatic tyres Heavy vehicles