Mastic Vedaflex Sil


VEDAFLEX SIL is a one-component silicone sealant of low modulus of elasticity and neutral cross-linkage. It vulcanises in contact with atmospheric moisture and forms a rubber that is extremely flexible and resistant. Non-corrosive, it does not produce substances with a strong odour. VEDAFLEX SIL has the SNJF mark as a 1st category product for use on glass, aluminium and concrete without primer.


VEDAFLEX SIL has excellent adherence to most of the common construction materials: glass, concrete, aluminium, PVC, etc. Recommended mainly for: - Sealing joints between concrete and structural elements. - Sealing joints around timber, metal and PVC fixtures. - Joints in light and heavy prefabrications. - Sealing joints in curtain walls. - Any application where an odourless sealant is required. - Sealed joints in industry (refrigeration, air conditioning, clean rooms...). Joints that use VEDAFLEX SIL must not be painted over.


One-component silicone sealant. Cartridges of 310 ml in box of 24 cartridges.

Finishes and special pieces

Grey paste. Manual or electric gun available on request.