JDH 5.26


Floor expansion joint, surface-mounted, for indoor and outdoor applications, comprising aluminium side angle sections and an interchangeable flexible insert in the centre, able to take up expansion and contraction movements. Suitable for all types of finish: concrete, screed, tiling, etc. Particularly suitable for flexible floors, with inserts of different heights.


For indoor and outdoor floor joints. Suitable for light traffic, and also for traffic of light trucks on pneumatic tyres and non-intense traffic of light vehicles. Available in the heavier 446/NV range suitable for traffic of fork-lift trucks on pneumatic tyres and lorries.


Section length of 4 m. Flexible nitrile insert, interchangeable. Aluminium side angle sections, not drilled.

Finishes and special pieces

Floor-to-floor type, and floor-to-wall type with exposed skirting (type E) and hidden skirting (type EV). Black or gray inserts, plain (special hospital environment) or ribbed surface. The plain option reduces the movement range. Special plain surface inserts for flexible floor and carpet, with +3 mm projection or +5 mm projection. Option of factory pre-drilling. Special parts on demand (T, X, L...).

Joint gap (mm)

Movements (mm)

Visible width (mm)

Total width (mm)

Height (mm)


5.26-020 20 ± 2.5 120 120 17 Light vehicles
5.26-030 30 ± 5 150 150 26 Light vehicles
5.26-050 50 ± 7 175 175 26 Light vehicles
5.26-065 65 ± 10 185 185 26 Light vehicles
5.26-100 100 ± 15 220 220 30 Light vehicles