VEDAFEU N Blanket firestop system


Our VEDAFEU N fire stop joint range, including fire stop joint covers and fire blankets, conforms to several certifications in respect of horizontal and vertical joints. These fire stop joint covers are specially designed to ensure the fire integrity and gas-tightness of expansion joints with large gaps and/or large movements. Tested with movements of +50%, all our VEDAFEU N fire blankets have an EI classification for fire integrity and gas-tightness, in compliance with current European and French standards, including EN 13501-2 and EN 1366-4 norms. VEDAFEU N fire stop joint covers are available in several sizes to suit joint gaps from 150 mm to 840 mm.


VEDAFEU N fire stop joint covers can be used for horizontal and vertical joints requiring fire stop joint protection, e.g. floor, wall and ceiling joints, joints between prefabricated façade elements, and seismic joints. They are also suitable for fire partitions, conduit penetrations, services ducts, protection of neoprene supports, and for joints on plate edges. VEDAFEU N fire stop joint covers must be installed in accordance with the approved instructions for the relevant classification certifications. VEDAFEU N systems provide effective protection for buildings that house works of art, as well as for hospitals, offices, industrial and residential buildings, hotels, shopping centres, car parks, schools, colleges, stations, airports, stadiums, and more.


The composition of VEDAFEU N fire stop blankets and their method of installation are patented. Handling is easy and safe: VEDAFEU N fire stop blankets do not contain any asbestos (which is a banned substance) or refractory ceramic fibres which are dangerous to health. This is because they are manufactured with long mineral fibres that exceed 6 microns in diameter and which cannot enter the respiratory tract, and are thus classified as not dangerous to health by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Finishes and special pieces

Our standard range is suitable for joints with initial gaps from 100 mm to 560 mm. Other widths are available on request.

Joint gap (mm)

Movements (mm)

Visible width (mm)

Total width (mm)

Height (mm)


Vedafeu N150 75 --> 225 +/- 50% 150 / /
Vedafeu N200 100 --> 300 +/- 50% 200 / /
Vedafeu N300 150 --> 450 +/- 50% 300 / /
Vedafeu N400 200 --> 600 +/- 50% 400 / /
Vedafeu N560 280 --> 840 +/- 50% 560 / /