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The VedEPDM EP 95 adhesive is intended for bonding and joining plain-surface EPDM membrane (EPDM-S). VedEPDM EP 95 is a solvent-based contact adhesive of high strength suitable for fast application. It is specially formulated for application by roll and /or broad brush. The time it remains tacky allows its application once to large surfaces.


The contact adhesive VedEPDM EP95 is intended for use on concrete and for joining EPDM membranes. Apply the adhesive with a brush or a roll on the substrate and on the membrane, and wait several minutes. Then join the two parts covered with the adhesive, running a roll to ensure a good bond and the removal of air bubbles (see our installation instructions).


Solvent-based synthetic rubber adhesive. Pot of 3.78 litres.

Finishes and special pieces

Black adhesive. Also available in aqueous solution (on request).