Veda France, expansion joint specialist

Veda France has been an  expansion joint specialist for over 20 years, engineering, manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of  building expansion joint covers and  building expansion joint systems, including structural movement joints, control joints, joint covers, fire barriers, waterstops, stair nosings and more.


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Acknowledge by architects and other building professionals as a leading expansion joint specialist, our main areas of expertise in building expansion joint systems include:


- Building expansion joint covers

- Aluminium and PVC clip-in joint covers.

- Drilled and countersunk aluminium joint covers.

- Tailor-made folded joint covers in galvanized, mill finished or anodized aluminium.





- Fire Barriers

- Vedafeu C backer-rods,  for joint width up to 120 mm.

- Vedafeu M mattresses, for joint width up to 840 mm with +/- 40% movement.

- Vedafeu N blankets for joint width up to 840 mm with +/- 50% movement.

- Vedafeu FB fillerboard

- Vedafeu PU Fire resistant polyurethane foam


Veda France Joint Dilatation Metal

- Structural movement joints

Horizontal and vertical structural movement joints, all metal or with flexible insert for standard and seismic joints. 


- Applications

VEDA France building expansion joint covers and  building expansion joint systems are used internationally in the construction of schools, hospitals, malls, industrial and military buildings, airports and rail terminals, leisure centres, car parks, etc.



- Guarantees 

Our long experience as an expansion joint specialist, as well as strict quality checks conducted at our factory and by world-class independent laboratories (CSTB, Efectis, TÜV…) enable us to guarantee the highest standards.




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